Show 52 with Mark Watts

So this week lighting extraordinaire Mr Mark Watts joined us in the studio to chat about his work all over the West End and also to play us some examples of Prog Rock that we had never heard of!

Mark Watts
Mark Watts

He ate a Pain Au Raisin along with a well known cola drink.


And the lovely Bryony pressed all the buttons and generally made everything go smoothly.


Mark works on the newly opened Kinky Boots, but has also worked on many other big shows including The Lord of the Rings and My Fair Lady. You can listen to him chatting about how he got into lighting on this week’s show here Show 52


Show 51: Adam Morley, Theatre director.

So this week, we were joined in the studio by the very lovely Adam Morley. Adam is a prolific theatre director with his latest work currently playing at the Leicester Square Theatre. It’s an adaptation of Daphne De Maurier’s The Birds by Conor McPherson. I am reliably informed it bears no resemblance in style to the Hitchcock film of the same name, although derived from the same book.

You can buy your tickets here

Adam was a delightful guest, with some great music choices that got us all up and dancing however early it was. All right, we weren’t dancing but we were definitely tapping our feet with fervour.


Adam also chose and plain and trusty croissant.


He is also associate director of the Canal Cafe Theatre in Little Venice and has worked on their very famous News Revue for many years. News Revue is a veritable stalwart of the comedy world with a host of now famous alumni.

Listen to the 51st show  right here

This is myself and Adam. Apologies for the curtain hair but I had no make up on and that early hour is unforgiving.

Nina and Adam Morley
Nina and Adam Morley

No. 49 Sarah Berger creator of The So and So Arts Club was such a inspiration

Whatever Sarah Berger has, she should bottle it and sell it. She is one hell of a woman who blew us away here at What’s Offstage?

She runs a brilliant company, The So and So Arts Club, where the artists call the shots and take control of their work. Anyone can join, and at £30 a month, its a steal! I went home and joined straightaway!

Sarah chats about working with writers, actors, directors and designers on the show as well as choosing song really great songs from Simple Minds, Sinead O Connor amongst others.

Her company is producing a repertory season of plays this month at a pop-up venue in the city. You can find more information and buy tickets here


You can find out more by listening to the show here. No. 49

No. 48 Improv expert, Dylan Emery,Yes!

This week, one of the creators of “Showstopper, the improvised musical”, Dylan Emery came to Soho Radio to talk about their imminent transfer into the West End.


He’s just returned from a hugely successful run in Edinburgh and now it’s all go as they prepare to move into the Apollo Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue for a 10 week run. check out their website by clicking here The Showstoppers

You can buy tickets for their upcoming run here Tickets!

Dylan chose Tom Waits and Led Zeppelin among others on the show whilst enjoying his Pain Au Chocolat from Zedel’s brasserie.

Listen to the whole show here Show 48


This is the very first blogpost from What’s Offstage? We broadcast every Friday on Soho Radio with an hour-long show about London theatre. Sometimes we have guests from the industry including stage managers, sound engineers, dressers, designers and actors, and  sometimes we just chat about what’s happening in Theatreland!

Every Friday, I’ll post some behind-the-scenes titbits from that day’s show including photos, goofs and pastry choice of the day.

This week’s guest is the fragrant Penny McGhie from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. She’ll be chatting about her acting career, Edith Piaf and Jeremy Corbyn- probably!

Tune in this Friday at 9am or listen later directly from our website.